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Why Venice?


Why Venice?

Venice was chosen as the regular venue for the Club’s annual plenary meetings from the start. It is the Club’s spiritual home.

Venice remains a key centre of European culture, but more importantly, Venice sits at the centre of Europe, bridging East and West. For centuries, the city has been a peaceful, and neutral, place of exchange and dialogue between merchants, artists and diplomats – irrespective of conflicts or disagreements happening elsewhere in Europe.

The founders of the Club wanted the new organisation to do the same for Europe’s government communicators – inspire them to meet, learn, debate and benefit from their participation in the Club. The Club was honored when the Mayor of Venice allowed it to use the name of the Serenissima for the Club, and the city as our regular venue.

While Venice is the Club’s home, workshops and debates are frequently hosted in Brussels (with the kind assistance of the European Institutions) and in other locations.Our main annual plenary meeting is still held in Venice every November. Our second plenary meeting each year is held in another European city. Over the years, this has included:

  • Strasbourg (1989)

  • Barcelona-Seville (1989)

  • Paris (1989, 1994, 2009)

  • London (1990)

  • Bonn (1993)

  • Bruges (1997, 1998)

  • Santorini (1999)

  • La Rochelle (2000)

  • Copenhagen-Malmo (2002)

  • Loutraki (2003)

  • Bratislava (2004)

  • The Hague (2005)
  • Prague (2006)

  • Vienna-Budapest (2007)

  • Rome (2007)

  • Ljubljana-Postojna (2008)

  • Gozo (2010)

  • Warsaw (2011)

  • Protaras, Cyprus (2012)

  • Tallinn (2013)

  • Riga (2014)
  • Vienna (2015)
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